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Over 30 Years Experience!

Matt Jabin, President of A&B Marine Trucking, Inc. and Jabin Marine Transport, grew up in the industry. Matt is one of the three sons of Bert Jabin, of the Famous Bert Jabin's Yacht Yard, www.bjyy.com. Today, Matt has 30 years of experience in marine hauling, transportation, and marine services/maintenance.

Fully committed to serving the needs of the marine community, Matt also owns and operates Jabin Transport, Backcreek Transport and Plowing and Emjay Enterprises. Says Matt, "Customer satisfaction is priority one - not just with A&B Marine Trucking/Jabin Marine Transport, but with ALL my companies!"

If you seek further information, need assistance, or have questions, e-mail Matt at mattjabinclarkslanding@yahoo.com. We welcome all business opportunities and hope you choose A&B for reliable, quality service!

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